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SBO Hardware

SBO is a high performance voip bandwidth optimization service which can reduce bandwidth usage in VOIP termination upto 85%. This means that now the vendors can deliver improved performance of their calling service with much lower bandwidth cost. Run VOIP termination in locations where VOIP is completely blocked. It works like a secured tunnel. Fully Hosted Solution – No need to buy / setup expensive hardware. We do all that for you. You just pay a nominal fee for what you use. Works on Any Internet (DSL / ADSL / 3G / Sat etc)


TPLink MR3420 v2 Series

Most Popular! This is a PPPOE/3G router which is available for purchase in most computer stores in many countries. We have a customized firmware which can be loaded into this router to convert it into a SBO device. This means, you can create your own SBO device without having to wait for us to ship it to you! This also means, the device is going to cost you much cheaper than all other options, overall.This device can support up-to 64 concurrent calls (and you can add more devices if you need more calls! ).
If you already have this router, and would like to convert it into a SBO Device, Click below.
TPLink to SBO Instructions


Mikrotik RB750

Mikrotik RB-951G


SBO 200 Series Routers

The SBO 200 series router is a full-functioned internet gateway router for businesses and is ready for connection to a CP-enabled service provider. The 200 series can also be used as a branch office router in enterprise deployments of SBO.

The 200 series routers feature 3 Ethernet ports. Typically these would be configured in a 1x LAN and 2x WAN arrangement, that would allow 2 discrete WAN connections. The 200 series can also address multiple ADSL modems off a single Ethernet WAN port, which means solutions such as bandwidth stacking of multiple circuits can be achieved by simply plugging a bank of ADSL modems connected to a switch to the CP router’s WAN port.

With the CP 200 series routers, you can create a secure, bandwidth optimised solution for your business and take advantage of enhanced IP-voice call quality and up to a 500% increase in IP-voice call capacity.


SBO VM Series VMware Appliance

Not interested in setting up CP hardware? Virtualise SBO by installing it on a PC by using VMWare Workstation.

This version of the software supports up to 200 simultaneous calls.

Pricing & Plans
Pay only for what you use.



  • 16 Channels / Ports
  • Support One GSM Gateway
  • One Dedicated IP
  • DE / NL / UK / US
  • Web Panel for Active Calls
  • 170 Kb/s( UP/Down )
Best for starter teams


  • 32 Channels / Ports
  • Support Two GSM Gateway
  • Two Dedicated IP
  • DE / NL / UK / US
  • Web Panel for Active Calls
  • 310 Kb/s( UP/Down )
Best for REGULAR teams


  • 48 Channels / Ports
  • Support Three GSM Gateway
  • 3 Dedicated IPs
  • DE / NL / UK / US
  • Web Panel for Active Calls
  • 448 Kb/s( UP/Down )
Best for Professional teams


  • 64 Channels / Ports
  • Support Four GSM Gateway
  • 4 Dedicated IPs
  • DE / NL / UK / US
  • Web Panel for Active Calls
  • 580 Kb/s( UP/Down )
Best for Enterprises

Included in All Packages:

  • – Dedicated IP address
  • – Dedicated Port / Channels
  • – Support All SIP Gateways
  • – 24/7 Support
  • – Rock Solid Network
  • – And More…

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