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Android SoftPhone

Softphone for Android:

  • Android SIP softphoneworks on mobile phones based on Android system.
  • Supported codecs: Audio G729, g722, G711, Speex (16 KHz), iLBC and GSM. Video h263+, h264
  • Support for VoIP tunnel technology enabling working from blocked areas or from behind firewalls for both incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Internet connection over WIFI, EDGE or 3G
  • Works with VoipSwitch and also with 3rd party SIP servers.
  • Offered to VoIP providers as a branded version in a form that is ready to be uploaded to the Android Market or to the provider’s website.
  • Branding includes provider’s logo, name and other changes in the dialer’s design and the set of the available features.

Main features:

  • Making and receiving SIP calls
  • Video calling using H264 and H263+ codecs
  • XMPP instant messaging
  • Facebook instant messaging
  • Google instant messaging
  • SIP SIMPLE chat and presence
  • Contacts (phone book)
  • Loudspeaker
  • Balance information*
  • Destination*, rate
  • Time, call status logs
  • Calls history
  • Sending and receiving SMS* over SIP protocol
  • Multiple active calls support
  • Conferencing up to 4 participants
  • Blind and attended transfer
  • Hold
  • Echo cancellation
  • Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) for voicemail
  • STUN support with STUN discovery
  • Built-in tunnel* for passing through VoIP blockades
  • Digits Interception (Dialer pops up once dialing from the phone’s “Dial pad” or choosing a number from the phone’s “Contact list”)
  • Fallback* to callthru (dialing through an access number) if network connection is not available,
  • Optionally built-in callback* client for VoipSwitch (triggering conference with two numbers)



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