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Voip Softswitch’s Calling Card platform is a complete system enabling selling physical cards with PIN as well as offering online managed PINless services. A provider can also combine both PIN and PINless or even share accounts with other services deployed on Voip SoftSwitch.

Calling Card is a module which runs on top of the soft Softswitch and inherits all the routing, charging and billing features of the core system. In addition, customers can manage their services and account through the Voip SoftSwitch User Portal. Thanks to an extensive set of web API methods the platform can be integrated with any calling card website.

The platform is SIP based and uses DID technology. A provider can connect access numbers (DIDs) taken from various DID vendors (e.g. Voxbone, DIDx and many more). Thus, a provider can rapidly expand worldwide and offer services in different countries with one central Calling Card server.

Main features
Some of features from our Calling Card Module

Multi-languages IVR,

language per access number or per customer.

Speed Dialing

Speed dialing.

Balance Alert

On low balance autorecharge or SMS notification

Intl topup

International Mobile Topup

Caller ID

Multiple authorized caller IDs per user.

Simple Scripting

Scripting tool with documentation for building own IVR scenarios.

Included in All Packages:

  • – Online user portal
  • – Card Generation Utility
  • – Import/Export Cards
  • – Configurable Card Length
  • – Batch Management
  • – And More…

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