I've properly configured VoipSwitch Services, but rules are still not checked. What's the reason?

Rules checking is made in cycles, with defined time interval (minimal time interval is 30 minutes). It's important to remember, that after adding rules you have to restart system service "VoipSwitchService". This may be done directly thru VoipSwitch Manager or using system tool (services.msc).

  1. Restart VoipSwitch Service using VoipSwitchManager
    Control is located in "VoipSwitch Services" / "Configuratin" leaf of VSM application. First You should stop the service(if it was started) by pressing STOP button, then You can Start service by pressing START button. Make sure service status is now "RUNNING".
  2. Restart VoipSwitch Service using services control in Microsoft Management Console. First You should open menu Start and choose "Run..." entry. In shown window type "services.msc" and press OK button. Then in Services window You should find "VoipSwitchService", right click on it and choose Restart position.
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