Which DTMF standard does VoipSwtich support?

There are two types of DTMFs : inband and outband. Inband DTMFs means that information of a key pressed is sent as a signal in voice channel (popular beep sounds specially formatted). Due to compression they are not allowed in voip in other codecs than G711. VoipSwitch does not support inband DTMFs at all, but it forwards them to the destination, meaning that if VoipSwitch just passes the media the destination will recognize the DTMF. This method will not work with VoipBox. Far much popular in VoIP is outband DTMF. VoipSwitch supports all types of outband DTMF in both protocols. Sometimes the RFC 2833 standard is also called inband (but most people consider it outband) because the DTMFs in that method are indeed sent in voice channel, however they are not signals, but digitized information about key and the time it was pressed.
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