How can I use VoipSwitch in wholesale termination ?

VoipSwitch was initially designed as a system for voip carriers/wholesalers. Then, over the years, they have gradually been extending the functionality of some typical retail services but always keeping in their mind the wholesale element. Today, VoipSwitch is an advanced softswitch with the sophisticated features required in these kind of applications. One of the unique characteristic of VoipSwitch, distinguishing it from other softswitches, is its own, built-in billing system. This allows for full control of internal billing and authentication processes and significantly increases the robustness of the whole platform.
The system is a traffic controller that enables intelligent interconnectivity among different voip service operators, providing a unified way to authenticate, monitor, control and bill for the voice sessions. You can, for example, buy termination from one carrier, mark up the rate and then offer to other carriers. Thus, you can act as a broker exchanging traffic and earning on the differences in prices. The low ratio between invested capital and volume of the traffic the system can handle makes it the perfect solution for this kind of business activity.
VoipSwitch supports several proxy modes which can be selected for each destination/route, provides transparent conversion from SIP to h323 and from h323 to SIP, enables advanced manipulation of call setup parameters, supports load-sharing, balancing, re-routing and many other, very useful functions.
VoipSwitch can also secure your internal network from unauthorized access from the internet, for example if you have your own terminating gateways; instead of exposing them in the open network, you can give your clients the IP address of VoipSwitch as the central element of your system and let them send the whole traffic through it. Thus, you can control the call flow and see the actual system status. 

The H323 protocol is supported by VoipSwitch up to and including version 985.131. Later versions of VoipSwitch do not support this protocol as it is becoming increasingly obsolete.

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