Can users call each other?

Yes, users within VoipSwitch can call each other using phone numbers associated with their accounts or by logins (usernames). In the latter, however, if you allow non-numeric characters in logins then they can have problems with calling such a destination from a numeric phone’s keypad. The other way is to let users select the numbers from the web interface the same way as they can choose DIDs (PSTN numbers delivered through the internet). You can have your own numbering plan or use a pool of internet phone numbers (more on ) and allow users to select a number themselves after they sign up (or you can do that for them). Then they can call these numbers the same way as they do when calling outside the network. On VoipSwitch’s side you can set, for example, that internal calls are free or at a special rate; its up to you. Moreover, users can be called from other networks if there is an interconnection with VoipSwitch, for example from PSTN through an access number (DID) hooked to VoipSwitch. In this case you can be away from the internet and make a call from a regular phone to the access number and then dial the internal number through the IVR and be connected to the user. 
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