How to change the account state scenario to get rounded amount of money?

It is possible to setup the account state scenario to say only dollar values rounded.
The available settings for the up_rounding_threshold parameter are between 0 and 99 it means the hundredths parts of amount.

If the hundredths part is higher or equal the up_rounding_threshold parameter it will round up if its lower then it rounds down the value.

Example : 
Account state is 7.50 - if the up_rounding_threshold="50" is setup like below then voipbox will play : 8 dollars.
Account state is 7.49 - if the up_rounding_threshold="50" is setup like below then voipbox will play : 7 dollars.

Below is the modified account state scenario.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<SCENARIO name="Account state" description="Account state scenario says client's account state.">
    <STATE id="1" name="SayAccountState" up_rounding_threshold="50">
            <TRANSITION type="TransitionOnEvent">
                <next_state_id event="EndCallEvent">FINAL_STATE_ID</next_state_id>
            <TRANSITION type="TransitionAlwaysTrue">


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