Can I offer DIDs - virtual phone numbers - to voip users?

Yes, definitely. VoipSwitch supports DIDs in many ways. You can associate phone numbers with end-users so that if one dials a DID it will ring on an SIP phone or our softphone (SIPLink) or will be transferred to voicemail or forwarded to any other phone number. Call forwarding and voicemail settings are configurable through the web interface. User can decide on which events, like busy, no available, offline, the call is either transferred to voicemail or sent further. Users can also purchase DIDs through the web interface. They can select the country/area and place an order which is realized automatically. The setup fee and/or monthly fee is deducted from the customer's account and immediately thereafter the DID can be used. The system supports DIDs - phone numbers stored in local database, for example if have own stock and want to sell phone numbers online. There is special tool for importing the phone numbers into the database. This way also allows to connect to any wholesale DID supplier. Another way is to connect to a DIDs supplier through API. Such solutions are offered by and The main benefit is that you do not have to keep own stock of DIDs from various regions what is costly, instead your system will connect to the provider and place an order automatically with immediate delivery at the exact moment when your customer click order button on your website. 
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