Can I use the SIPLink softphone in countries where voip is blocked?

Yes, thanks to our voip tunnel technology that enables making and receiving calls from behind any blockade. The client-server technology encapsulates voip packets and use only one UDP port for communication. It can be any port what is also configurable in the software, for example DNS port or any other that usually is allowed.
In the SIPLink the voip tunnel client is already built-in and does not require any special action from the user. The SIPLink is widely used in countries like for example UAE. Apart from making calls, users can also receive incoming connections, for example through DID numbers associated with the accounts. 
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Can I have a special, unique design of softphone?

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What windows versions are supported for SipLink and Vippie?

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7. No matter is it x86 or x64 copy.