What is the CallShop module for ?

By callshop we mean a place like an internet café or a shop where there are cabins/booths with IP phones from which customers can make calls and then pay for them at a cash desk. The callshop is a windows based application which shows all the cabins and calls that take place. When a customer has finished, the cashier can see the calls made with their details and costs and can charge the customer. The application also allows printing bills. The advantage of this solution is that the callshop application does not require any special hardware as the calls are not sent through it, but instead go directly to VoipSwitch (through the internet connection) and the callshop program exchanges with VoipSwitch only a small amount of data needed for billing purposes. Clients can also use softphones installed on PCs or FXS gateways with analogue phones connected, not necessarily IP phones.
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