How to display account state information on an ip phone ?

There is a special page in the Web and Portal modules called get.aspx. Some ip phones have the option to set a link to a web page which will return the account state for a user used to register in the SIP proxy. As a parameter to this page a login should be used for one of the GK or GW clients defined in VoipSwitch. When this page receives such a parameter it will return a number which will be the current account state for this user. Below is an example for the Web and Portal pages respectively.


Server.ip should be replaced with the domain name or IP of the web server where pages are working and test should be replaced with an existing client login. The web.config file contains the currency setting, which by default is USD. It can be changed to any other currency and this currency symbol will be written after the number. 
If the client doesn't exist in the system, the page will return -1. 

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