How I can implement an access number for calling cards ?

There are two approaches, one is to use a DID (virtual phone number) rented from a provider and another is to connect to local telecom company through physical interface. The latter requires a gateway with proper interface (e.g. E1/T1, analogue ports, GSM ).
VoipSwitch and its IVR module can work with DIDs, i.e. virtual phone numbers delivered through internet directly from provider to the switch. For example if you want to establish an access number in UK you can rent a local phone number from desired geographical location (or national or toll free number) and have required number of channels associated with the number, so when your customers dial the number their calls will be instantaneously forwarded through Internet to your VoipSwitch which in turn will carry out the programmed IVR scenario. This IP based approach in the IVR module allows for easy deployment of multiple access numbers in various geographical locations without high capital expenditures in equipment. If still for some reasons you have to connect to local telecom company in order to setup an access number you will need a gateway with proper physical interface (E1/T1, analogue, GSM..). The gateway does not have to support IVR systems, it has only to be configured in the way that all incoming PSTN calls are converted to voip and then forwarded to VoipSwitch. Then it is VoipSwitch which plays voice prompts, asks for PIN (or authorize by ANI) and carry out the whole procedure. More about the IP IVR system can be found here
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