How can I put multiple prefixes under a reseller?

It is possible by using comma as separator between 2 prefixes. Example: 
Let's say we want to use more than one prefix for reseller: one standard for modifying calls, second just for IVR users with announcing max. time allowed. Prefixes as below:

DP:00-> OR 0-> OR #->;TP:00-> OR 0-> OR #->
DP:time-> OR time;TP:time->

To give reseller a choice to pick 1st or 2nd prefix you need to set his prefix as follow:

DP:00-> OR 0-> OR #->;TP:00-> OR 0-> OR #->,DP:time-> OR time;TP:time->

It is possible to set in VSM and also in VSR by adding prefixes separated by comma for each type (src dial plan, src tariff, dest dial plan, dest tariff). However, in case you need to add full string at (not shared between 4 types of prefixes) it can be done only from MySQL Query Browser by editing tech_prefix field in resellers1,resellers2 or resellers3 table.

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